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关于”描写棒棒糖“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Describing lollipops。以下是关于描写棒棒糖的七年级英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Describing lollipops

Hello, today is may day. My father, mother and sister went shopping. We bought lollipops, ice cream, cornflakes, toast, butter, oranges, milk and rolls.

My mother bought me toys, such as trains, balls, balloons, cars, dolls, airplanes and skateboards. Then we went to the zoo, and I saw rabbits, tigers, snails, lions, hamsters, mice, zebras and lollipops. My sister asked me what you like, and I replied that I like skipping rope.

That's good. She said it's your prize, sunshine, thank you, I love. I called us to sit under the tree after lunch and have some milk.

Today I'm very happy.




Lollipop lollipop is a kind of candy. You put a lollipop through a lollipop, so their shape looks like a circle crossed by a wire. Usually in the United States or European countries, handmade lollipops are brightly colored and disk-shaped, but many factories produce smaller lollipops.

Spherical chocolate chocolate may be the most classic and popular candy. It is made of cocoa and cattle Made of milk and sugar. It comes in various shapes and shapes: lumps, bars, balls, toffee, ice cream, etc.

It's popular (in addition to its wonderful sweetness) because people believe that eating chocolate makes you feel like you're in love (that's why we get gum on Valentine's day. Chewing gum has a lot of flavors: mint, strawberry, lime, blueberry, etc. in recent years, there have been new sugar free gums on the market, although dentists suggest chewing sugar free gum is actually good for you Teeth are good, but many members of the public believe that places (especially schools) still refuse to chew gum, mainly because it leaves a lot of rubbish if it is not thrown into the trash can.

Bubble gum is very similar to the chewing gum mentioned above: they are lollipops you put in your mouth, but they won't swallow, but the density of bubble gum is obviously low, and it is usually large, so you can make bubbles with them. They are very interesting at parties. Jelly beans are colorful, beautiful and sweet beans, and children like them very much Different flavors, so you can find all kinds of discoveries in a bag of jelly beans.





Lollipop prince said that the impact is not good, maybe even crazy, I like the former prince, I also feel bored, blind, buy posters, albums and other things do not waste your money, but like the prince, I don't think soloribo has six members: handsome prince, mature, Aoyu made of little dog, lovely little Jie, lively and cheerful awei William, their hands and every shoulder At the beginning, their faces were hard to endure, but their handsome appearance slowly, I found that they worked hard and were brave without fear of difficulties. In this way, I was moved and seriously liked their young vigor. Although they were young, they fought hard.

A brother and a machine made them have the same dream. My favorite Prince because they played a song called "Fear" (now Lollipop's program used to wear glasses in this canceled program, and the prince got a punch in the face, because the prince didn't wear glasses and hit the prince's pepper in his eyes. The prince told others that they thought the prince was ignored in the program.

The prince also released German shepherd dog. After the prince recorded the program, the staff knew it was true. Prince hospital From here, I like Prince, no eye pain and left the program, because they released, still completed the program lollipop training, experienced a lot of difficulties in the draft, but they face their brothers together, this spirit moved me to become stronger and stronger in the long-term training, who knows their efforts and efforts, they said in order to make friends More like their friends, make them more powerful, they will not be afraid.

It is this spirit that moved me. We prefer not handsome, beautiful appearance, their dancing or shaking voice. Their efforts from ordinary to idol are the real reason why people like their songs: let the dream, warm the lonely road in the future, not lose my dream, Failure is never giving up hand in hand, grasp happiness, please remember the dream lollipop, constantly grow up, believe in love, I believe in all the good lollipops in life Prince "Lollipop":,.



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