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关于”压力大的原因“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:The reason why the police are under great pressure。以下是关于压力大的原因的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The reason why the police are under great pressure

It's important to keep a good mood. Nowadays, more and more people are busy with their work and have too much pressure. So we suld do something to make ourselves happy.

When you are tired, it is necessary to have a rest. Second, when you are sad, you can talk to your parents and friends, you can also sut or cry. When you are in a low mood, try to listen to some light music, which can help yoelax.




How to relieve the pressure of college students? Nowadays, college students are faced with a lot of pressure, mainly from parents' expectations, learning, economy, employment and all kinds of compeion. Altugh pressure can provide motivation to a certain extent, overdue pressure has serious negative effects. Pressure will more seriously damage students' self-confidence and may make some students lose control of their emotions and behaviors.

Considering the great harm of overdue pressure, college students suld first learn w to reduce pressure. We suld have a correct evaluation of ourselves, so we suld develop our strengths and avoid our weaknesses. Second, we suld have a clear goal, which can give us motivation and make us become active.

Thirdly, partiting in collective activities is an effective way to relieve the pressure It's beyond your control. For me, you'd better turn to professional psyclogical counseling. My pressure mainly comes from future employment.

In order to reduce anxiety, I ask my parents to help me yze my advantages and disadvantages and put forward more practical work goals. In this way, my employment pressure has been greatly reduced. Now I have confidence in my own future, and I believe it I can find an ideal job after graduation.




Nowadays, most people live in a high pressure life. A student may be under pressure from his parents or himself. Some students can't accept that they get low marks in the exam.

Once it happens, they will feel unacceptable and some people can't bear the pressure of work. Overtime makes them tired. If the boss is not satisfied, it will make them fragmented What's more, compeion with colleagues can also make them nervous.

Family may be another reason for great pressure. Some people need a lot of money to support their families. If they don't get enough money, they will get into big trouble.

According to the data I got from the World Health Organization, one person will commit every second, but if we have a good atude, none of the above will happen We can enjoy our life and gain more energy from the game when we fail. What we have to do is to find the reason and try to do better. So it is very important for us to keep a good atude in any situation.

Let's start from now.



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