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February of the Lunar New Year is the early morning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. After I got up, I was woken up by the sound of firecrackers coming from all directions. I said hello to my parents and grandfather first, and then went out to set off fireworks.

A fireball rose high and lit up the whole sky and bloomed a colorful flower. I was very excited. I set off fireworks one by one, and I became more and more happy.

After breakfast, I put on my new clothes and went out to play with my classmates. I've been happy all day.





Today, I'm going to talk about surfing the Internet. We know there are too many Internet cafes around us. The Internet can make our life interesting and happy.

Many of us like surfing the Internet very much, because we can learn how to use the computer, we can get more information from the Internet, we can learn English, we can read some good newspapers and magazines, let us play computer games intelligently, we can send email to our friends quickly, we can chat with friends freely on the Internet, it can help me They get in touch with people from all over the world, but some students spend too much time playing computer games, some students stay in Internet cafes all day and all night, some girls even have boyfriends or some boys have girlfriends online, they write too many letters to each other, they spend too much time chatting online, so their homework is getting worse and worse, and their study is getting worse and worse Yes. I don't think we should study online. We can go online during summer vacation or winter vacation.

I think we should go online with adults, our teachers or parents. Great. You are good at using attributive clauses in writing.

The sentences "hit" are perfect. You'd better use "third person" in the first paragraph and the past tense in writing.






After the final exam, I received a letter from my uncle and aunt, who invited me to stay with them for two weeks. They live in the countryside near a beautiful mountain. The next morning, the news made me very uneasy.

After nearly a day's bus ride, I arrived at their home. They warmly received me. They prepared a very good and, for me, ventilated room.

They just came in. On a small table, I found a bottle of roses, my favorite flower. I thank them for their kindness when they left me for a rest If I were an artist, I would draw a wonderful picture.

In the morning, we would take a walk on the nearby hills, where we could enjoy the fresh air and the sweet songs of birds. We were gathering wildflowers in the Bush, and in the afternoon I found it was fun. I spent most of my time reading and writing, because the heat kept me indoors.

In the heat of the night. Evening is the only time we can go swimming together. In these two weeks, my swimming ability has greatly improved.

Although two weeks have passed at lightning speed, the memory of it will last forever.





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