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In addition to the anarchist technological trend, what else can the prosperity of the computer industry push Silicon Valley back into the future? Carver Mead, a pioneer of integrated circuits and a professor of computer science at Caltech, points out that there are now workstations that allow engineers to design, test and produce chips on their desks, just as editors do on Macintosh Like newsletters, because the time and cost of making chips have dropped to a few days and hundreds of dollars, engineers may soon be free to use their imaginations without being punished for expensive failures. Mead predicted that inventors would be able to perfect powerful custom chips in their offices over the weekend, thus creating a new generation of garage start-ups, and making the United States surpass foreign competitors in the rapid launch of new products. Mead observed that with more intelligent people's garages, "we really thrive on anarchy and Asians", in Silicon Valley In many companies, Easterners and Asian Americans make up the majority.

Engineers from China, South Korea, the Philippines and India have graduated from the University of California to become the heads of the next generation of start-up companies. These Asian innovators can use customs and language to establish the right links with key Pacific coastal markets, such as Alex, Ph.D., Stanford University, Hong Kong AU has set up a Taiwan factory to challenge Japan's lock-in in in the chip market, and indiaborn ndamodar Reddy's small California company has reopened at & T in Kansas City. Last spring, before Missouri became a retirement village, it would receive funding from Missouri, and Silicon Valley could become a classroom for building global businesses.


硅谷除了无政府主义的技术趋势之外,计算机产业的繁荣还有什么可能将硅谷推回到未来,集成电路的先驱、加州理工学院计算机科学教授卡弗·米德指出,现在已经有了使工程师能够设计的工作站,在他们的办公桌上测试和生产芯片,就像编辑在Macintosh上制作时事通讯一样,因为制造芯片的时间和成本降到了几天和几百美元,工程师们可能很快就可以自由发挥他们的想象力,而不会因为昂贵的失败而受到惩罚。米德预测,发明家们将能够在一个周末的办公室里完善功能强大的定制芯片,从而催生新一代的车库创业公司,并使美国在新产品快速上市方面超越外国竞争对手米德观察到,拥有更多聪明人的车库,“我们真的是在无政府状态和亚洲人身上茁壮成长”,在硅谷的许多公司里,东方人和亚裔美国人占了大多数,中国、韩国、菲律宾和印度的工程师也纷纷从加州大学毕业,成为下一代创业公司的负责人,这些亚洲创新者可以利用海关和语言来与关键的太平洋沿岸市场建立正确的联系,例如,来自香港的斯坦福大学博士Alex Au建立了一家台湾工厂来挑战日本对芯片市场的锁定,Indiaborn NDamodar Reddy的小型加利福尼亚公司在堪萨斯城重新开设了AT&T芯片工厂。去年春天,在密苏里州成为一个退休村之前,它将得到密苏里州的资助,硅谷可能会成为一个建立全球企业的课堂。


Recently, it is often reported that a student can earn a month's money by opening an online shop. His business philosophy has inspired many students to establish their own online shop. Some people think that by doing so, students can not only get some money to reduce the financial burden of their families, but also gain valuable experience in starting a business.

Most importantly, if a student can't find a satisfactory job after graduation, he or she can't find a satisfactory job At present, the competition in the job market is very fierce. Online stores can help them make a living, while others think that students' duty is to learn. Running an online store will certainly distract students' attention, which is putting the cart before the horse.

From my point of view, I agree with the former point of view. I agree that it is very important to acquire knowledge in University. It is more important to master practical skills and survival ability.

As long as a student can balance the relationship between the two sides, he should not be discouraged during the period of school.




Note: in your article, write a short passage according to the picture below. You should briefly describe the painting, explain its intention, and give your comments. You should write it neatly on the answer sheet.

Recently, the public has paid more and more attention to the topics selected after graduation. As shown in the figure, a group of graduates are facing various ways to go, such as looking for a job and continuing deep Make, go abroad and become entrepreneurs. This picture aims to convey to us that, as adults, college graduates must have their own decisions about their future life after graduation.

For those who are eager to be financially independent and put what they have learned into practice, college students should choose their future life according to their own reality and dream. It may be satisfying and rewarding to find a job or start a business. Graduation may be satisfactory and rewarding It is their main wish to become a breadwinner, while others who want to take advantage of the advantages of the university should try to apply for postgraduate courses, master's degree or even doctorate degree on campus or off campus, which is much higher than the goal of bachelor's degree.

Because they cherish the success of their life, they are more interested in academic achievements than in money. We should treat our decisions rationally. It has always been my dream to get a higher degree abroad.

I firmly believe that one should do more research and study when he is young.



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