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It's July. Most of us are on holiday. I arrange it to make it meaningful and diverse.

Of course, I will finish my homework, exercise every morning and take a walk after dinner. In addition, I also want to learn how to cook, because I have grown up and have to be independent, not just rely on my parents. More importantly, I'm really looking forward to going to Shanghai for the World Expo.

This is a great opportunity to appreciate the exchange of different cultures and Sciences. I hope I can have a full summer vacation.





I know this topic is the same as my TOEFL composition. There are many different reasons why people go to College (for example, new experience, career preparation, knowledge growth). Why do you think people will support your answer with specific reasons and examples? In my opinion, after graduating from high school, most of them will enter university or college.

There are three main reasons: there are not enough high school graduates In order to gain more experience and improve their ability, they must go to a higher level school, college or university. Second, in order to get a good job, they must study in the University, from which you can learn In order to see, in recent years, many high school graduates can not find a good job after graduation. Statistics show that in the face of this terrible data, in China, fresh graduates are not only vacant jobs that can earn a lot of money.

In order to obtain a higher level of diploma, high school graduates have to enter the University. This is an important reason, because students want to accept in the University Education. The third reason is that when we were young, for the sake of dreams and ideals, each of us had many dreams.

For example, some of us wanted to be Superman to defeat our evil people, or to be a famous scientist to do many interesting experiments and invent meaningful things like Newton and Edison. Dreams and ideals can bring us hope and motivation Amazing things make us never give up. Going to college is the shortcut to make your dream come true, so this is the reason why a student wants to study in a university.

Therefore, entering one or more universities is a good way to help you succeed. Give you something you want, Google poor let us never give up.




As the graduation day approaches, college students must make a decision about their future life. For those who want to be financially independent and put into practice, whether they want to become a graduate student or find a job depends largely on their interests. They have studied in University for many years, and finding a job will make a difference They have both satisfaction and reward.

In their learning process, they have always used their parents' money to support their education. Moreover, they often have no sense of responsibility. They must feel guilty because of lack of money or spending their parents' money on luxury goods.

Their main wish is to become a breadwinner after graduation. However, those who want to take advantage of the University's advantages will try to enroll them in graduate programs, pursue a master's degree, or even a master's degree. Compared with a bachelor's degree, a doctor's degree represents a more ambitious goal.

Similarly, as far as I'm concerned, their success and interest in life are more about academic achievement than in making money. Getting a higher degree has always been my dream. This is based on my belief that I should do more research and study young people now.




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