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This is a story from makedo studio about the "drunken pottery" of chrysanthemum Kete. The Ma family is a literati family and a chrysanthemum lover's family. In this story, the contemporary Lord Ma Zicai hears a unique species and is more enthusiastic about this plant than previous generations.

When he is free in Jinling City, he rushes there to buy two. On the way back, he sees a handsome young man riding behind a covered carriage. His surname is Tao.

The girl in the car is his sister Huang Ying. They are going to move out of Jinling and stay in Ma Ying Nine's invitation to find a new place to live. The two settled down in the south yard.

Ma's girl often picked up the withered plants discarded by the horses and replanted them in front of the house the next day. Before long Huanying's flowers were widely known in the local area, many people bought them. Until long Huanying's wife died of illness, Ma Ying married a flower lover.

Huang Ying drank and played chess by the chrysanthemum every day. One day when he was drunk, the young man tripped over and the horse couldn't believe his eyes. The young man fell down and planted a huge chrysanthemum in it.

He ran to report to his wife. The wife rushed out and picked a flower she had put in her clothes. At dawn, Ma Yingjiu saw the young man lying on the ground sleeping soundly.

He realized that his brother and sister were chrysanthemum essence. But the second time his younger brother was drunk, he turned into a plant, but the young man could not change back to the shape of a man. His sister was from the plant It kept a long root, and soon became a unique species.

It germinated, grew and blossomed, and the aroma of wine overflowed. Later generations became "Zui Tao".





Well, it's one thing to say, another thing to do. Whether we can learn English or not depends on ourselves. It depends on how hard we spend on English and how we learn it.

I believe we can do it ourselves. My dear classmates, my dear friends, the century is a century full of competition, English can become a tool, open the window of the world, open the door of opportunity, expand our thinking, with new ideas, so don't hesitate, move forward, don't say no, in learning English, let me not be alone, not shy, not afraid of making mistakes, not afraid of losing face We can find clues from the mistakes and draw our own conclusions. We can summon up courage from the beginning to study for China's prosperity.

In order to have a fairer tomorrow and better adapt to future challenges, let's study English hard. Now is the time for us to take measures to improve our English. The harder we work, the more we will be able to conquer English and realize the four modernizations of our country from now on.

Let's look forward without hesitation. We are full of infinite confidence that we will learn English well. I believe we can conquer English and become international Chinese in the near future.

Let's work together to create a better future. I hope each of you can learn English early Hope to be a complete person, which means that you will become qualified people. Education finally, let all of us boldly shout out: foreign language is a weapon in life there is a way for those who have a will we will conquer English thank you for all this.


好吧,说是一回事,做另一件事我们能否学英语取决于我们自己,这取决于我们在英语上花了多少努力,我们如何学习它相信我们自己一定能做到的。我亲爱的同学,我亲爱的朋友,世纪是一个充满竞争的世纪,英语可以成为一种工具,打开世界的窗户,打开机会的大门,扩展我们的思想,以新的思想,所以不要犹豫,前进,不要说不,在学习英语让我不能孤单,不要害羞,不要怕犯错误,不要怕丢面子,我们可以从错误中寻找线索,得出自己的结论,我们可以从一开始就鼓起勇气,为中国的繁荣学习,为了有一个更加公平的明天,为了更好地适应未来的挑战,让我们努力学习英语,现在是我们采取措施提高英语的时候了。我们越努力,我们就越能征服英语,从现在起实现我国的四个现代化,让我们毫不犹豫地向前看,我们充满了无限的信心我们一定会学好英语我相信我们可以在不久的将来征服英语成为国际汉语让我们一起努力创造一个美好的未来我希望你们每个人在学习英语的早期都是一个完整的人,这意味着你们将成为合格的人教育 最后,让我们所有人大胆地喊出: 外语是人生奋斗的武器 有志者,有路 我们一定能征服英语 这一切都谢谢。


In the review of World War II, what has almost lost its direction is a post-war prank, which made Japanese military leaders chew the words "Remember Pearl Harbor": American dentist Jack Mallory was in Hideki Tojo) was imprisoned in occupied Japan, using Morse code to drill information into the dentures of General Hideki Tojo. Three months later, the secret leaked out and they had to be removed.


在二战的回顾中,几乎迷失了方向的是一个战后的恶作剧,这个恶作剧简直让日本战败的军事领袖咀嚼着“记住珍珠港”这几个字:美国牙医杰克·马洛里(jack mallory)在东条英机将军(hideki tojo)被囚禁在被占领的日本期间,用莫尔斯电码将信息钻入东条英机将军的假牙上三个月后秘密泄露了,他们不得不被移除。

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