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Thanksgiving, Jim, long time no see. What's new? How's your Thanksgiving Day? It's Gretel who slept late. I didn't have lunch until three o'clock.

I took my little sister to the Thanksgiving parade. She loved it. Then we had a big family dinner around six o'clock.

Who came? My sister and her husband came over for a weekend. You met her a few years ago. Remember, of course, my stepbrothers I came to my house for dinner on Thursday.

My uncles and aunts also came. Their children were only nine years old. I've been playing games all day.

I'm a little tired. How's your sister? I haven't met her yet. Well, she likes her new job.

I didn't know she had a new one. Me too. She and Mike just bought a new house, and I saw that they really got married.

We had a little Thanksgiving. Only my parents, my sister, and my mother cooked a big dinner. Oh, yes - what did you eat, Turkey, of course, but she had a really good stuffing with sausages and apples.

Well, I'm full at the club. My stepmother wasn't the best cook, but the turkey was delicious and I ate it all my life. So, did you watch the game? You're kidding.

We bought it on the big screen TV last week. Next Thanksgiving, I'm coming to your house. You missed it.

You should have a Thanksgiving present with your family. I'm going to confuse your family. My friend Mike came over to have dinner with us last night.

Whenever we were at home, we had a good dinner last night I'm hungry. I can't wait for dinner tonight. I haven't seen you for a long time.

What's new? It's no big deal. I hate it. I'm really exhausted.

Are you kidding.





Thanksgiving Day is the most authentic American holiday among the national holidays in the United States, which is closely related to the earliest history of the United States. Among the immigrants or pilgrims, they sailed to the United States on the Mayflower. They landed in what is now Plymouth, massachusetz, in the cold November.

In their first winter, after two months of torrential rain, they wanted to find a place for them to have faith. More than half of the settlers died of hunger or epidemic diseases, and the survivors from the first spring They began to sow, and they were anxiously waiting for the harvest all summer. They knew that their lives and the future survival of the colony depended on the coming harvest.

In the end, the yield of the field exceeded people's expectation. Therefore, they decided to set a day to thank God in a few years. The president of the United States declared the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving celebrations continue to this day. The pattern of Thanksgiving celebrations has never changed. Over the years, the extended family dinner plan was put on the table a few months ago.

People will find apples, oranges, chestnuts, walnuts and grapes. There will be plum pudding, mince pie, other kinds of food, cranberry juice and melon. Among them, the best and most attractive are roast turkey and pumpkin pie, which are the most Thanksgiving Day of the year Traditional and most popular food.

It was agreed that dinner must be made around a roast turkey, stuffed with bread sauce to absorb the delicious juicy barbecue, but since Cooking varies from family to family and from place to place, it is not easy to agree on the exact filling for the royal bird handkerchief. In every sense, today's festival is a national annual holiday, in which Americans of all faiths and backgrounds will sincerely express their thanks for the abundance of the year and pray for continued blessing.





Thanksgiving Day is coming soon. It is the fourth Thursday in December. Thanksgiving is very popular in western countries.

On this day, people will make a big turkey to eat. This day is to commemorate the great kindness of the Indian people long ago. Some Puritans may go to America to blossom in order to be free.

But they are suffering from hunger and disease. The Indians help them They, give them food, give them food, give them what the Puritans planted, they yearn for a good harvest, and in the end, they get it and feel very grateful to God and the Indian people, so they decide to take a day to remember this and express their gratitude.



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