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关于”如何成功“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:How to succeed。以下是关于如何成功的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:How to succeed

Success: opportunity or hard work everyone wants to succeed, but when it comes to what factors lead to success, opportunity or effort, different people will give different answers. Some people think that opportunity is the first factor leading to success. They hold the view that, as a saying goes, people propose that God arrange it because almost all successful people have good luck and seize the precious Therefore, they believe that opportunity is the first condition for success.

As long as one seizes and makes full use of it, one can surely succeed. For them, opportunity and luck play the most important role in the road to success. Some people think that nothing can be achieved without effort.

There is no smooth road to the summit of success, only wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly Persistent work, lazy people are likely to succeed, careless and indifferent to their own work, those who never focus on their work in general will certainly end in failure. As far as they are concerned, hard work is the decisive factor for success. In my opinion, both efforts and opportunities are inseparable in the end.

Together, they have achieved through hard work Great success luck to luck, just like fish to water, can be regarded as the internal prerequisite for success. It lays the foundation for building a house, while luck plays the role of cement, which makes bricks stick together. They are twin brothers that jointly contribute to success.

They are internal and external factors. We must work hard, prepare and welcome Opportunity, make full use of it. Only in this way can we succeed one day.




No one can enjoy the way to success alone. Some people say money, some people say love, some people say house, car, children, college degree, but all these are just external ways to show others success. People think that they must have these things to be happy, but Scott In his book happiness advantages, Achor says the opposite is true Achor, a Harvard professor who has taught happiness for 15 years and recently wrote this book to prove that happiness breeds success, not the opposite.

When I read this book, it resonates with me, and I realize that it's very positive. Happy people always seem to like what they do and their partners, and even when times are tough, they don't succumb to their persistence and overcome all obstacles.


没有人能独享成功的途径有些人说金钱,有些人说爱情,有些人说房子,汽车,孩子,大学的学位,但所有这些都只是向别人展示成功的外在方式人们认为他们必须拥有这些东西才能快乐,但是Scott Achor在《幸福优势》一书中说,恰恰相反的是trueAchor,他是哈佛大学的教授,教授了15年的幸福课程,最近写了这本书来证明幸福孕育成功,而不是相反。当我读到这本书时,它引起了我的共鸣,我意识到这一点非常积极,快乐的人似乎总是喜欢他们所做的事和他们的伴侣,即使时局艰难,他们也不会屈服于他们的坚持和克服所有的障碍。


How to succeed? Different people have different views on success. Some people think that making a lot of money means success. Some people think that holding an important position in the government means success.

Some people think that having a high professional title in a famous university or research institution means my success. In my opinion, success is a brilliant achievement in our work, that is, no matter what we do, we should do for the development of our country To make outstanding contributions and bring help and happiness to others is success. First of all, we should have a clear goal in life, and we should have short-term goals.

We know that in different periods of life, it is these short-term goals that make our long-term goals possible. Second, no matter what we do, we should persevere and work hard. There are always two possibilities: success and failure.

When we encounter difficulties or failures, we should never lose heart to learn from our experience, build our confidence, and work harder and wiser for our goals. Third, we should learn from successful people and learn from them. We should try to get on well with our classmates and colleagues.

We should care for each other and help each other in our study, our work and life, because teamwork is very important to realize our dreams. If we can follow these principles, we will surely achieve remarkable success in our life.




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