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关于”孩子的隐私“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Children's privacy。以下是关于孩子的隐私的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Children's privacy

Newspapers and television like to report the private lives of artists and other celebrities. Some people say that public figures should have the right of privacy in their private lives, but others disagree that celebrities should have privacy rights. The public is insatiably greedy for celebrity gossip.

Gossip magazines are addicted to providing those vile celebrity stories and pictures, which makes celebrity privacy a real gray area, I think celebrities should enjoy the right of privacy first. Everyone has the right of privacy. The public has a vested interest in celebrities.

They find that their image is soaring. With the release of a new film or music, readers will want to know more about the celebrity, and the media will provide more photos of the celebrity in due time, even though they are so conspicuous The idea of rummaging or eavesdropping on the phone in celebrity's dustbin takes the issue of public interest too far. The privacy right of celebrities has been violated illegally.

The privacy right of celebrities must be dealt with from the perspective of people-oriented, rather than through the market, and pay too much attention to the personal life of celebrities. People not only hurt celebrities themselves, but also their parents or friends. The tabloids dig out anything sensational, no matter how much people whose privacy is affected expose their personal lives, and finally bring more pressure on celebrities themselves and their families.

Celebrities should enjoy the right of privacy. They and their families must continue to be protected wholeheartedly by privacy law, but this does not mean that they should give up their privacy Although they are famous, they are as eager for privacy and respect as ordinary people.




In summer, the most popular reality show must be where you are going. Dad's reality show brings the public how male stars get along with their children outdoors. People can peep into the lives of famous people.

The program satisfies their curiosity. However, some crazy fans search the privacy of celebrities and treat their children as celebrities' children, which arouses people's attention when they are born People are very curious about the privacy of idols. They want to know everything about idols.

So some crazy fans will put their feelings on the children of celebrities. They want to expose their children's privacy, which is not good for them. Crazy fans will bring their idols a lot of trouble.

Too much privacy exposure will make their idols in danger many years ago The daughter of a famous star has been kidnapped. Because the information is open, the girl who is killed has no right to open other people's privacy. Fans should keep a wise attitude.




The disadvantage of not being able to reasonably evaluate the performance of teachers caters to the needs of children and gets a high evaluation advantage. Independent thinking challenges innovation feedback customers' happiness is not only an absolute overpayment of wealth, but also should be distributed according to their contribution to society. Ordinary people's unequal skills and talents or ordinary vocational needs special skills education and special training can't go to school like sports stars Learning and pursuing things that are easier to make money should be done to make wages more equitable.

The government should impose heavy taxes on those who earn too much money. The money should be given to those who are worth making. Catch criminals.

Reduce crime. A camera is more effective than a security guard. Cameras don't feel tired.

Sometimes our eyes may deceive us. A machine can accurately record what's going on More unnecessary embarrassment, scaring away criminals, reducing potential crime reviews about installing surveillance devices are usually aimed at the invasion of privacy rights of people photographed and recorded by photographers, uncomfortable and lack of privacy, legal use of public safety, the need to balance security, respect for personal privacy and freedom to be busy with family and work cannot be generalized, children or adults are better learners Depending on the individual's circumstances and motivations, and his or her enthusiasm for learning gifted children, if all the children get together, regardless of their intelligence, the learner will be caught in a dilemma: too slow to satisfy a boring curriculum, unable to keep up with the pace, frustrated IQ tests are stupid and separate them according to their individual abilities It will hurt their feelings, which is not conducive to their personality development. When they study at personal speed and intensity at any convenient time and place, they will instill a sense of superiority, have less social interaction and lack of interaction.

The online examination system of computer-aided teaching multimedia technology is lack of interaction.



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