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关于”环保类“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Environmental protection。以下是关于环保类的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Environmental protection

My name is Li Hua. I am a volunteer from the world environmental protection organization. I am from China.

I live in Yantai this year. I love the environment. I won the first prize in the "environment" knowledge contest.

I can speak Chinese fluently. If I can join the world environmental protection organization, I will do the following work hard, take it seriously, and actively do the environmental protection work well To prevent environmental damage to a large extent. Hope the world is cleaner and more environmentally friendly.




Now we all advocate environmental protection, but we also found many environmental protection slogans: protect the environment, protect the environment we destroy, destroy the home we depend on for survival, soil can not be regenerated, prevent soil pollution and desertification, reduce soil erosion, environment and human coexistence, resource development and environmental protection coordinate, protect water environment, save water resources, obtain environmental awareness, protect ecological environment The environment uses less plastic bags, which is friendly to our earth's environment. First, what are the advantages of the environmental protection bags that we need to protect together, which can be used repeatedly, and are beneficial to the ecological environment in the design of the environmental protection bags. Many environmental enthusiasts have provided photos for the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou.

They want to use them in the environmental protection bags. Finally, lotus baby becomes the lotus baby in the design of environmental protection bags Photographer Xia Yang recorded in his blog that another round of energy crisis is knocking on the door of the world's oil consumption reaching a new high, leading to the soaring oil price in the international market. Many traditional mining cities in Northeast China are in trouble, and their economy is collapsing, and workers are unemployed.

It is only because coal is extracted from fossil energy, including coal, oil and natural gas, that coal is not like sunlight Once consumed in human history, they cannot be reproduced, so they are exhausted long before we can use them.




Subject: the picture reveals that in the past century, due to the expansion of the world's commercial fishing scale, there were almost no fishing boats on the sea. At that time, a large number of fish swam freely. In a huge fleet, people were trying to find the only fish in the sea.

The huge contrast shown in this picture reminds us that due to human greed, marine ecosystem is gradually developing Deterioration. With the increasing public awareness, commercial fishing industry has been booming. The advantages of marine products make the fishing industry extremely profitable, lack of awareness of the importance of ecological balance.

The ships sent by merchants to kill fish pose a serious threat to all life in the sea. However, this trend may in turn endanger human beings in order to prevent the depletion of marine resources. Governments should work together to develop effective measures to combat commercial fishing, such as limiting the time and place of fishing, so as to reduce the exploitation of the ocean.

Finally, but not least, the importance of balancing public concerns and conservation will play a decisive role in saving marine species from extinction.


主题: 方向仔细研究以下图片,用不少于文字的文字写一篇文章你的文章应该涵盖所有提供的信息,并满足以下要求:描述图片,演绎图片艺术家的目的,提出对策建议 图片揭示生态在过去的一个世纪里,由于世界商业捕鱼规模的扩大,海上几乎没有渔船,而当时大量的鱼类自由游动,在一支庞大的船队中,人们正在努力寻找海里唯一的鱼,这幅图所呈现的巨大反差令人警觉地提醒我们,由于人类的贪婪,海洋生态系统正在逐步恶化。随着公众意识的日益增强,商业捕鱼业得到了蓬勃发展海产品的优点使捕鱼业异常有利可图,缺乏对生态平衡重要性的认识,商人派出的船只捕杀鱼类,对海洋中的所有生命构成严重威胁。然而,这种趋势反过来又可能危及人类,以防海洋资源枯竭,政府应该联合起来制定有效的措施来打击商业捕鱼,例如,限制捕鱼的时间和地点,以减少对海洋的开发。


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